Teaching the Fundamentals of Software Coding

Our Solution

There is a huge gap in technological skills as children enter college and adults enter the workforce. The best way to address that gap is provide the education and enthusiasm early.  Bytes For Bits is focused on primary and middle school children who are in those critical developmental years. Get them in early; get them excited; and keep them engaged.

​Bytes For Bits provides a multi-track, eight to ten week class that teaches the fundamentals of software coding.  We work within the framework of existing afterschool programs, bringing teachers, lesson plans, and equipment.  Children are initially placed in tracks by grade and then provided the instruction and freedom to move freely between tracks as their skill level and curiosity dictates.

Classes are sixty minutes in length. Using a modular teacher’s guide, instructors provide students with the ability to grow at their own pace, explore their own interests, and express their own creativity.  The majority of students will have little or no experience with or understanding of programming.  Bytes For Bits' objective is to define the basics of code and programming, discuss real life examples, and provide the groundwork for future learning.  Through that objective, our program seeks to engage and inspire kids to pursue an educational path in computer science.


Bytes For Bits was inspired by sitting through the latest offering of after school programs. As working parents with children in or rising up into the elementary school ranks, we know how hard it is to balance fun, education, and a family budget.

Quite frankly, we were shocked how expensive after school programs for coding were going to cost and how few offerings there were out there. We knew the price point was not remotely accessible to many parents. The genesis for the company came from the knowledge that our kids need these skills and that children should not be excluded from getting familiar with technology and how it works simply because their parents cannot afford it.

The Program


Computer code has made its way into every part of our daily lives.  Whether saving off your favorite show to watch at home or staring at that Excel spreadsheet in the office, programming is behind much of what we do.  And while code is imbedded throughout our cars, our homes, and our lives, it is not quite imbedded in our schools.  Today, the majority of students have little to no experience with, access to, or understanding of computer science.

​Bytes For Bits brings computer science to schools through an educational and enjoyable afterschool program that fills in the gaps or complements existing efforts.  Designed for students first through eighth grades, we engage children with an hour-long, once a week program that allows them to bring out their creativity within our structured objectives and challenges.